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Incoming Wiring Instructions:

To have funds wired to Mokelumne Federal Credit Union, please use the following wiring instructions:

  • Receiving Financial Institution – Corporate America
  • Corporate America’s Routing Number – 262090120
  • For credit to – Mokelumne Federal Credit Union
  • Account Number – 321173085
  • For further credit to – (or Beneficiary):  Your First Name, Last Name and your Mokelumne FCU Account number*
  • See Schedule of Fees for cost to receive a wire

*All beneficiaries of wire funds must be account holders on the account the funds are being wired into. 

Outgoing Wiring Instructions:

To send a wire from your Mokelumne Federal Credit Union account, please contact a member service representative

  • See Schedule of Fees for cost to send a wire

Direct Deposit Instructions:

To receive direct deposit of electronic funds such as Payroll checks or Tax refunds, please use the following information

  • Mokelumne FCU’s Routing Number  321173085
  • Your First Name, Last Name and Mokelumne FCU Account number
  • Indicate either Savings or Checking for Deposit
  • There are no fees to receive Direct Deposits

Mailed in Payments and Deposits:

Send payments and deposits to Mokelumne Federal Credit Union’s P.O. Box at:

Mokelumne FCU
P.O. Box 1717
Lodi, CA 95241