Fee Schedule

Effective as of

Miscellaneous Account Fees
Return Deposit Item $15.00
Missing Address (per quarter) $5.00
Account Reconciliation (per hr., min. 1 hr.) $20.00
Wire Transfer – Outgoing $20.00
Wire Transfer – Incoming $15.00
Cashier Check for 3rd Party $5.00
Account Research (per hr., min 1 hr) $20.00
Statement Copy / Account Activity Printout $5.00
New Membership $1.00
Check Mailed – 1 free per quarter (with PAT, never a charge) $2.00
Return ACH Item $26.00
Paper Statement Fee $1.50
Share Account Fees
Excessive Share Withdrawal $2.00
Dormant Account (Per month, no activity for 12 months) $5.00
Early Closure Fee (90 days) $25.00
Escheat Notice $2.00
Check Cashing (Single service user, bal. under $500.00) $5.00
Balance Below Minimum (Per month on primary shares below $25.00) $5.00
Share Draft Account Fees
NSF $26.00
Stop Payment – Personal Check $20.00
Personal Check Orders varies
Draft Copy – 2 Free per quarter (Free Online) $3.00
Overdraft Trans. (After 3rd trans. per mo.) $5.00
Stop Payment Renewal (Every 6 Months) $5.00
Counter Checks (4 temporary checks per page) $4.00
Courtesy Pay Fee (Overdraft per item) $26.00
Special Handling of 3rd party check printing exception $5.00
EFT Fees
Replace ATM/Debit Card and Pin $15.00
ATM Withdrawal (No charge for Co-Op or MFCU ATM’S $0.50
ATM Monthly Card Service Charge $1.00
ATM Empty Envelope Depository Fee $25.00
Priority Ship Debit Card $60.00
Other Fees
Legal Process $20.00
Charge for Express Mail (Plus actual cost) $20.00
Saturday Express Mail (Plus actual cost) $30.00
Levy or Garnishment $25.00
Demand Letter – Mortgage $200.00
Loan Extension Fee (Deferment) $35.00
Rolled Coin Fee (Fee waived under $50.00) 5% of total amount
Check by Phone (Payments) $7.00
Cash Advance Fee (Non-member) $20.00
International Collection Item 35.00
Foreign ATM use at our MFCU ATM (No fee for cards with Co-Op symbol) $1.50
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00